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Did you know that there are over 8 million people living in the state of North Carolina?  Almost all of these people purchase from vending machines on a consistent basis.  Why can't these people be buying from your machines?  They can!  Find all vending machines, parts, supplies, companies and more in North Carolina at Vend123.  There are numerous locations in NC where your vending machine route can be located.  In real estate offices, financial buildings, warehouses and more!

There are numerous categories of vending machines to start your North Carolina vending route with you just need to find the vending product that suits your customers needs.  There are snack/soda vending machines, amusement machines, kids crane skill machines, etc.  When choosing what type of product to vend out of your vending machine, you need to take into account where they will be placed.  Is the location where your vending machines will be a very physical demanding place of work?  You may want to consider combination snack/soda machines for the quick pick me up and thirst quench these machines can supply the employees.  Is it a gym where your vending machines will be?  You may want to consider health products like granola bars.  Are there many college students around where your vending machines will be including places like the University of North Carolina, Duke, or Salem College?  You may want to get energy vending machines for a quick caffeine pick me up.

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